GeekOut! FAQ

Q: What does LBGTQIA+ stand for?
A: We use this acronym to describe folks across the spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations. It stands for Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Trans, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual/Ace, Plus many,many more like Pansexual and Two Spirited.

Q: I don’t identify as a geek, is this a space for me?
A: Absolutely! Our definition of “geek” is pretty broad and includes all sorts of interests. The aim of the space is for people to meet other LBGTQIA+ persons (and allies) and talk about ANY interests in order to create new friendships.

Q: I am not LBGTQIA+ but I consider myself an ally and I identify as a geek. May I attend?
A: As long as you are respectful and supportive of LBGTQIA+ persons and related conversations you are absolutely welcome!

Q: What do you do at the events? Is this a board game/ video game group?
A: At our bi-weekly meetups most members hang out and socialize. All discussions are informal and voluntary. Some people choose to bring and play board games or to go play the videogames provided by the Blurry Pixel,but games aren’t officially organized

Q: What is the age range of members?
A: It varies quite a bit. On average the bulk of our members are in their early twenties to mid thirties. However, we get attendees of all ages.

Q: Does it cost anything?

A: Our bi-weekly meetups cost nothing to attend. However,we encourage folks to purchase some sort of food or beverage to support our hosting venue, if possible. There may be extra events that have an admittance fee but this will always be well advertised.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of attendance required?
A: Not at all! Come to as many or as few of our events as you like.

Q: May I bring friends or family, including children?
A: Definitely, the more the merrier! Just note that it is a licensed venue and some of our members choose to drink alcohol at our events.

Q: I want to volunteer my time. Who do I talk to about that?
A: You can contact one of the Organizers and they will see if we have any tasks or events for you to help out with.

Q: Someone is making me uncomfortable, what should I do?
A: If you feel comfortable doing so, it is totally within your right to ask them to stop. However, if for any reason you do not feel you can do this, contact one of the Organizers, in person or online, and they will approach the other person while keeping your identity confidential (unless you state otherwise).