Safer Spaces Policy

Geek Out! Ottawa Safer Space Policy

Geek Out! Ottawa acknowledges that no space is completely safe to all people but we strive to create a space that minimizes the barriers frequently faced by LGBTQIA+ people and other marginalized groups. If a person engages in behaviours that harm others (examples below), Geek Out! organizers reserve the right to speak to them privately, either in person or through social media to ask them to stop the behavior. Multiple instances of harmful behaviour will be grounds for us to ask you not to return to our events.

We ask that you refrain from the following behaviours:
-Language that is violent, hateful or exclusionary to aspects of people’s identity such as race, sexual identity, gender, religion, physical or cognitive ability and so on. This includes questioning the validity of a person’s identity.
-Any sort of physical contact without another’s consent.
-Ignoring people’s emotional boundaries. If someone asks that you do not engage in particular topics of conversation around them then you should respect that.
-Bullying, harassing, yelling at or getting physically violent with any other member of the group will get you immediately banned.

We also ask that you take care outside of the group space as not to out others.

We acknowledge that harm is often done unintentionally and therefore we will do our best to be patient and help to educate and correct problematic behaviours. However, safety of the group and of individuals takes precedent and there may be times when it is deemed that a person’s behaviour is too disruptive and that it is best for everyone involved that they not return to the group.